Ben & Eugene asked NeoStar Design to declutter and bring harmony to their living and family room. And that’s what we did.

Ben’s favorite color is blue. To lighten up the living room, we decided to paint the two focal walls in two shades of blue. The previous color was a dark brown which made the space feel dark and heavy. Mismatched furniture was replace to white ones that the owners had in storage. We anchored the corner with a bird of paradise palm. New halogen accent lights gave focus to three new flower arrangements. A new entertainment cabinet stores the owners vast cd collection with room to spare. We also defined the conversation area with a custom shag rug.

A new round area rug gave Ben’s piano some stage prescence. While the custom made piano cover kept the dust away.

In between the living and family room, we created a new bar area so Ben and Eugene’s friends can gather around while Ben shows of his talent on the keys. The shelving under the glass top acts as storage for the musical scores.

The family room received a new silver accent color on the fireplace wall. The fireplace was also painted a bold yellow to compliment the Orangina print. A low entertainment cabinet now brings the TV below the opened niche. Both owners can now swivel the TV and watch it at eye level.

Ben and Eugene loves the makeover and thinks both spaces now have harmony not to mention a modern sophisticated look.

Trevor Tang : Designer, Contract Manager
Miguel Cortes : Painter

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