Nutrihand is the first online health management service. The company has two distinct services, Nutrihand and Nutrihand Pro. Nutrihand enables individuals to do all their planning, tracking, and reporting for their meals, fitness, and medical information. Users can also access their dietitian’s meal and fitness plans to use via the Web.

Nutrihand Pro enables dietitians and professionals to create meal and fitness plans where the nutritional value and caloric burn is calculated for them. Then those professionals can either print them out or assign those plans online for clients to use.

NeoStar Design came up with the foundation for both sites, as well as the user interface. The company wanted them to be warm, exciting, friendly, and easy to use. So we came up with a warm, lively color scheme, easy to use tab navigation and colorful photography to enhance and tie the two services together. Food and health tip banners keep users motivated and informed. Users on average stay signed in for 56 minutes.

Trevor Tang : Creative Director, Designer
Chudo Lew : Web Master

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Nutrihand Pro Website

Nutrihand Pro Website