Fred Sater Communications, Inc. is a PR and Marketing firm focused on promoting travel destinations in California. Fred, the principal of the firm, asked NeoStar to design it’s brand identity and stationery.

Fred absolutely loves his labradors and insisted that it be part of his brand. He also loves the colors yellow and purple.

We came up with several concepts but Fred picked this design with a stylized illustration of his golden lab. His firm’s name is prominently position in front of the lab along with a company tagline.

Purple and yellow are two great complimentary colors but we felt their needed to be a third color; so, we introduced chartreuse green. The brand and new stationery uses all three colors in harmony.

Fred loves his identity and we were ecstatic by his response.

Trevor Tang : Creative Director, Designer, Illustrator

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Fred Sater Communications Stationery and Business Card

Fred Sater Communications Stationery